Short pile General Purpose Towel

Fabric # : DMS-61396
Weight : 480gsm

  • Twice thicker than regular short pile towels for cars.
  • Small weave minimizes product absorption to prevent product wastage,
    smooth & slick finish gives speedy buffing.
  • Ideal for light detailing with sprayer waxes.
  • Edgeless finish - Ultrasonic cut.

Edgeless 480gsm

Fabric # : DMS-61387
Weight : 480gsm

  • 2 types of cutting are available.
  • Ultrasonic cut
  • Knife cut with double tumble dry
    - safer to use on paint surface than ultrasonic cut.
  • Ideal for all purpose
  • Plush enough to foam wash, drying, buffing the sprayer waxes,
    and clean off the product residue.

Multi Glove

Fabric # : DMS-61381 / 600gsm
                     DMS-61001A / 320gsm

  • Two sided - suede side to apply product to leather surface, plush pile to
    buff off for natural looking finish.
  • Water-proof coated inside to protect your hands from the chemical
  • Ideal to apply exterior wax, buffing of detailing wax, glass clean.
  • Ideal to clean interior surfaces including leather, fabric and plastic.